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If you are an entrepreneur or dream of building your own business and have a desire to speak to elevate your business sales and visibility, you've come to the right place! Nothing, in my experience, has the potential to give you greater results than speaking in a way that sells, educates and inspires your ideal client to say "yes" to the transformation you offer. We invite you to explore this website, full of great information about how to stop winging it and bring your business to its peak in sales and visibility through speaking.

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They Love Me But Don’t Buy from Me: 5 Speaker Mistakes

Here they are, my top 5 list of why you might be a good speaker with a great message – you may even be well loved  – and no one buys from you. Why does this even matter you might think? Well, it’s great to share a message and inspire but after doing that over […]


What to say in a 5 minute Presentation….

If you’ve ever been asked to do a five minute presentation but don’t know where to begin or worse yet, think you know and then get no interest in your business or your offer…. Read on! There is a good reason people pay not attention to five minute business introductions. Yes, most of us are […]


Top 10 Steps to Getting Booked as a Speaker

You know you’ve got a message that people need to hear or a product program or service that people really need to experience…. But just how do you get organizers to say yes, you are our speaker – welcome!  Here are my top 10 foundational steps to getting booked – some may surprise you but […]

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