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If you are an entrepreneur or dream of building your own business and have a desire to speak to elevate your business sales and visibility, you've come to the right place! Nothing, in my experience, has the potential to give you greater results than speaking in a way that sells, educates and inspires your ideal client to say "yes" to the transformation you offer. We invite you to explore this website, full of great information about how to stop winging it and bring your business to its peak in sales and visibility through speaking.

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Top 10 Steps to Getting Booked as a Speaker

You know you’ve got a message that people need to hear or a product program or service that people really need to experience…. But just how do you get organizers to say yes, you are our speaker – welcome!  Here are my top 10 foundational steps to getting booked – some may surprise you but […]

Avoiding Speaking? How to take Action and Make Money Through Your Message Now.

Many entrepreneurs and service providers tell me that they are going to start speaking and implement this no-cost/low-cost tool into their business right away; sadly, a year later they are still saying the same thing but not doing anything about it. What’s blocking them? Why won’t they just do it? Well as simple as it […]


How to Overcome Objections When Speaking

I was at a couple of fundraising events recently and noticed that the speakers were very passionate about their topic areas and making money for their prospective fundraisers, but the passion and desire was not translating into the big crowds saying “yes” I want to be a part of this movement; “yes” I want to […]

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